Video Game Walkthroughs: Why they’re awesome and why I can’t stop watching!

Oh the world of Final Fantasy! I played my first game when I was in the third grade and three games in particular have held such a special place in my heart. Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are the three Final Fantasy games that I have played over and over and over (and over and over) again for the past 15 or so years and I never get tired of them. I love the characters in these two worlds, I love the music in all three games, I love the characters SO FREAKING MUCH.


When I was in elementary school and middle school I would play these games for hours each and every day, especially when I was on a break from school. Now that I am an “adult” (ew) I do not have the time to sit and play video games like I used to but hello YouTube! YouTube has a ton of video game walkthrough videos and I was first introduced to them when I found Dave The Usher’s video game walkthrough of Final Fantasy IX. I was instantly hooked.

The fantastic thing about watching someone else play a video game is that you can do a lot of other things while still enjoying the storyline, characters and music of the game. For the past few weeks I have been watching his video game walkthrough of Final Fantasy X-2 while cooking and eating dinner, exercising, folding laundry and even on my lunch breaks at work! It’s so great to do everything I “need” to do while still “getting through” a video game. I actually just finished the walkthrough today and yes, I cried, like I always do at the end of Final Fantasy X-2 (happy tears of course!) Last month I blogged about the dresspheres in Final Fantasy X-2, if you want to check that out!


Another game series that I used to play a lot when I was younger are the Nancy Drew PC games! My sister and I used to love playing these together (because some of them got very spooky!) Sadly I haven’t played a Nancy Drew game in YEARS (so sad) but whenever I get a craving to play I always hop onto YouTube! I used to watch ArgleFumph’s gameplays but I recently I discovered YourGibs, who has a little less annoying voice, lol. My all time favorite in the series is Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island! These gameplays are much shorter than the Final Fantasy ones, but they are still super entertaining and fun.

Sticking with PC games, let’s talk about The Sims! I’m sure there are a ton of Sims players on YouTube but the only YouTuber I used to watch was LifeSimmer. I haven’t watched any Sims gameplays lately but I do remember watching these in the past and really enjoying them because the YouTuber just had such a sweet sounding voice.

So anyways, now that I am done with Final Fantasy X-2 I am thinking about starting up Final Fantasy IX (YES AGAIN!) but I also want to finish Final Fantasy XV, which I have never actually played myself 1) because the PS4 that Wilson and I share is currently at his place, and 2) I’m not spending $50 on a video game! Maybe young-Jessica would have (correction: young-Jessica would have asked her parents) but hell nah, 50 bucks is a lot! Especially knowing damn well that I wouldn’t play it very frequently. What will end up happening is that I will probably just hop from IX and XV, which sounds good to me!

My life without Netflix or Hulu

I was such a die-hard can’t-live-without-it Netflix fan for so many years. It was the only TV streaming service I needed. I had heard of something called “Hulu” and one day I randomly tried out their free one week trial but I didn’t see anything that made me want to stay and subscribe. That is until October 2014 when I had finished season 3 of Revenge on Netflix and I was dying to know what happens next! When the last episode ended I quickly went online to search for a premiere date of season 4 and found out that the new episodes were already airing on TV, so then I did another search trying to find the episodes online and bam! Hulu pops up! Since I had already used my free one week trial I had to pay and to this day I can still remember running out of my chair to grab my purse to get my credit card. Hulu take my money! I needed to subscribe asap.

My breakfast every morning, with my iPad mini (what I use to stream video) and the book I was reading in February

Ever since that day I became a loyal Hulu member. I continued to watch the new episodes of Revenge on Hulu as well as some of my other favorites like Once Upon A Time, The Mindy Project, Jane the Virgin and Total Divas. I soon realized I was spending more time with Hulu than I was with Netflix so I decided to say goodbye to my Netflix subscription. I never missed it because I had Hulu and Hulu has a great selection of TV shows including some awesome cartoons like Hey Arnold! and Digimon. They even started streaming the new Sailor Moon episodes so it was definitely the place to be.

But beginning early this year I found myself spending more time reading or watching wrestling than logging into my Hulu account to watch the other shows. It felt like I was just wasting away $7 every month. I know, it’s seven bucks — no big deal, but when you think about how a paperback costs $8-12 then I got to thinking: omg that could (almost) be a new book! So I eventually decided to let Hulu go too. As much fun as it is to watch a cool story unfold on TV it is just as much fun to read it and see it in my mind.

I can’t lie, sometimes I really do miss Netflix and Hulu, especially when everyone on Twitter is talking about a TV show that they can’t stop watching. But I just tell myself what I know to be true: if I get Netflix or Hulu again I am going to spend my free time watching more TV (on top of the ~5 hours per week I already spend on wrestling) and I am going to get super behind on my reading list… and I definitely don’t want that to happen! This is the first year that I am reading a lot and really enjoying it. TV shows are fun, but man, books… books are amazing!

And so for now I enjoy my books and my wrestling. I’ll definitely be subscribing to Netflix again whenever season 4 of Reign gets added because that. show. is. AMAZING! Easily one of my top 3 favorite TV shows of all time! A few years ago I don’t think I could have imagined myself without Netflix or Hulu… and now look at me, surviving without either one, lol.

Update: 5/15/17 Netflix released this trailer so I might renew my subscription for a month to watch it. 😅

Recently Read: February, March & April 2017

recentlyread-feb-mar-apr-1My goal for 2017 was to read 15 books and I am so happy that I am already halfway done! I have read 8 books so far and today I’ll be writing about the 4 books that I read in the past three months. I feel like I should have read more but one of them took one whole month to read!! I didn’t blog about the first 4 books but I did post a photo with some mini-reviews on Instagram which you can read if you follow me on there.

How I Rate Books:

  • 5 stars: Absolutely AMAZING book that you MUST read!! I would re-read this multiple times.
  • 4 stars: A great book! I may or may not re-read this.
  • 3 stars: A book that is simply okay. I would not re-read this.
  • 2 stars: I did not like this book and I would not re-read it!
  • 1 stars: Absolute shit.

February 2017


Hidden Figures | Nonfiction, History, Science
3 out of 5 stars

Ohhh geez. This book. This book took me over one month to read. Sometimes the book was very interesting and I couldn’t put it down… until it got boring, then I found it hard to pick back up. The overall story is great, it’s about women mathematicians who were involved in the early days of the USA space program. My favorite parts were when the author would tell us stories about the women; about their past, their struggles, their dreams, etc. The boring parts were mostly when the author would get very (very) descriptive about how airplanes and all the machines work and tried to teach us about them and I was just like: no Margot, please just stop. Just tell me more stories!

When I picked it up I thought it was going to be like a novel but it very much reads like a college textbook, there’s even an index in the back. The author also uses a lot of “big words” (oh hi i am not fancy) which I had to Google a lot. It’s not a bad book, it’s just not an easy book. It’s okay though, but you aren’t missing out on much if you don’t read it. I still haven’t watched the movie but I am pretty sure that I will enjoy the movie more. I feel like this one is one of those rare occasions where the movie is better than the book!

recently-read-twilight-wifeThe Twilight Wife | Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
3.9 out of 5 stars

After reading that hard ass book above I was so ready to start on something fun and new. Thrillers and mysteries are some of my favorite book genres to read so I knew I had to read this one next! This book is about a woman who loses a few years of her memory and she lives on an island with her husband who is trying to help her regain some memories back. I can’t say anything more without spoiling it, but shit gets intense. I thought I knew what was happening and what was going to happen but I was so wrong and it made me like the book even more because I love when a book throws a curveball like that.

This book is amazing and I think everyone should read it if you like a good thriller and mystery. It’s also a good book to start with if you are trying to read more often… it’ll hook you in, which is what you want! However, I have one complaint; it just seemed like there was a lot of information lacking towards the end. I wanted MORE! I felt like everything was quickly wrapped up in just a few pages, and I didn’t like that. I was on the last chapter and I was like: wait, what? No, it can’t be over! I need more information! I don’t want a sequel but I just wish she had tied up the loose ends and answered some of my questions. That’s the only thing that bothered me.

recently-read-aj-lee-crazyCrazy Is My Superpower | Nonfiction, Memoir
4.5 out of 5 stars

AJ Mendez Brooks, also known as AJ Lee, is a former WWE wrestler and champion. I only started watching wrestling in 2016 so I did not get to see her “live” every week on TV but I still wanted to get my hands on this book! This book is full of my favorite thing: stories. She shares with us a lot of stories from her childhood, growing up as a teenager, discovering her bipolar disorder and of course: how she became a wrestler. There is one chapter in this book that actually made me tear up and many chapters in the beginning that left me with my mouth wide open. She really opens up in this book and I appreciated that. She does not talk too much about her marriage with CM Punk, and that made me like it even more! As someone who does not like to talk a lot about my relationships with other people it was nice to see someone else do the same… “And the rest of our story is just for us.”

Even if you don’t watch wrestling or know much about it, AJ does a fantastic job at breaking it down and explaining what the wrestling industry is like and she will define a lot of the wrestling lingo for you. This is a book that I just purely enjoyed from start to finish. I learned so much about bipolar disorder, and mental illness in general, and how it can affect not just yourself but those around you. AJ Lee is this tiny human (like me) who made a huge impact in the wrestling industry for women so I just find her to be very inspiring. (And I got a cool pin and bookmark too for pre-ordering so heyyy)

recently-read-mindy-1Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? | Nonfiction, Memoir
3 out of 5 stars

Oh Mindy, you’re wonderful. Have you watched The Mindy Project yet? If you haven’t, you should — it’s on Hulu! So I really wanted to read about the show and her thoughts on the characters and development of it but in one chapter she talks all about The Office and starts off by saying “The Office is a big chapter in my life, so that is why it’s a big chapter in my book. It is what I’m best known for and what people ask me about the most.” I looked at the imaginary person next to me and was like “WHUT!?” That’s when I flipped to the beginning of the book and saw that it was published in 2011. UGH THIS IS BEFORE THE MINDY PROJECT!! I was kind of annoyed but that’s my fault for not looking up the publication date before I bought it. Still, the book had it’s interesting parts. Once again my favorite bits were when Mindy would tell stories from her childhood and early college days… but some of the chapters read like essays and those were kind of yawn-worthy. Some parts did make me laugh, but I really don’t remember much about it. Or how it ended. Umm. I guess that’s not good. I wouldn’t re-read this but I do want to read the second book she wrote!

Check out the sidebar to see what books I am currently reading, and if you’d like you can follow me on Goodreads where you can check out my 2017 Reading Challenge! 

Power Rangers Movie Date

IMG_6191.JPGI didn’t grow up obsessed wth the Power Rangers but I do have a few memories of watching the show as a kid. Wilson on the other hand grew up absolutely loving them. It was no surprise that when the new Power Rangers movie came out that he was very excited and wanted to go watch it. It took awhile (4 weeks since the release date) but we finally watched the movie!

I liked it, even though it went by fast; I don’t know how else to explain it. It seemed like the story was on extra speed and very quickly we jumped from beginning, middle and end. I immediately noticed Effie from The Hunger Games (Elizabeth Banks) playing the evil lady Rita. I know she’s evil and wants to kill everyone and control the world and blah blah blah but her costume is absolutely amazing and I want it.


There is a short little cameo featuring two of the original Power Rangers during the final scenes of the movie; a very nice touch! The movie ended with a lot of open ends so I’m sure there will be a sequel soon and I am looking forward to it!

As far as the theater itself, this time we went to a theater downtown that had the scariest parking garage… one that we ended up getting somewhat lost in while heading back to our car. I do enjoy visiting Downtown Orlando but I am not used to parking garages or parking fee machines and sometimes I get anxiety from not knowing exactly where to go or park. After a few minutes of walking back and forth, taking two different elevators (by mistake) and almost getting locked inside the parking garage staircase we found our car and headed home. #missioncomplete

I’m not sure when we’ll go out to another movie date but I’m looking forward to it. I definitely have my eyes on Wonder Woman… 👀

Jessica: 4/5 ★★★★
Wilson: 4/5 ★★★★

The Fate of the Furious Movie Date


Wilson took me to the cutest little dinner theater over the weekend where we watched The Fate of the Furious. I have to admit that I am a sucker for The Fast and The Furious series… they give me life and I have no shame.

Wilson had heard that the movie “sucked” so I don’t think he went in with very high expectations. I was excited for it even though I saw a spoiler on Facebook — which pissed me off! I tried my best to keep that info out of mind while watching the film and safe to say that Wilson and I both enjoyed the movie very much, and the “spoiler” I saw on Facebook turned out to be false. Whew!!

I had never been to a theater like this one where you could actually order food at your seat which had a little table set up as well. I immediately starting looking through the menu hoping I would find some macaroni and cheese but unfortunately they didn’t have any. Sadface! But I got the next best thing – chicken wings – and Wilson and I happily ate our wings while enjoying the 8th movie in this crazy series.

As usual with all the Fast and the Furious movies there were a lot of scenes that gave me anxiety and made my heart beat extra fast. My mouth was literally open while watching most of the action sequences because I was like: what da fuck is happening right now… that car on fire!! Sure, a lot of the sequences are probably very improbable but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it. And I did enjoy it, a lot!

Spoilers ahead! There is a decently intriguing-ish story going on… but really, Elena? That was why he turned his back on his fam? I could believe it if it was Mia in danger… but Elena?? Their “romance” was so short! This is the only thing I can’t wrap my head around! There are plenty of hilarious scenes with Roman, a super cute baby who made the entire audience giggle and of course: fast, speeding, racing cars. (Duh!) Oh, and of course there are scenes of hot girls in short tiny skirts during the intro. It’s not a Fast and the Furious movie without the hot girls leaning against cars, lol.

Sadly the one thing missing was Paul… but he lives happily as Brian in these movies and I like to imagine him on a beach somewhere with Mia and his kid, away from all the crazy danger that the rest of the gang has to deal with. I’m not crying, you are.

Jessica: 5/5 ★★★★★
Wilson: 8/5 ★★★★★★★★

Thoughts on Final Fantasy X-2 Dresspheres

Final Fantasy X and its sequel Final Fantasy X-2 will always have a special place in my heart. Yuna is my favorite video game character ever and the music in these video games bring back so many great memories.

One time when I was in the 5th grade I actually took my Final Fantasy X-2 strategy guide to school, because I’m weird, and I let my friend look through it. I guess the teacher walked by her and she saw the half-naked pictures of girls and she confiscated it! I was so upset! I went up to her after class and I told her that the book was mine, and because I was such a good kid, she gave it back to me. Sadly she said I couldn’t bring the book to school anymore. Bummer!

But at least she returned it, which is a good thing because I had a huge obsession with looking through it and admiring all of the dressphere photos that were inside. I would contemplate for way too long which dresspheres I would assign to each characters and make a list of which characters would master their abilities. I was so weird, but it was so much fun. To be honest I think I wasted way too much time worrying about the dresspheres than the actual gameplay, but whatevs okay. I liked that the characters could change outfits during battle! And when you’re an 11 year old girl that is just the coolest thing ever!

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Our trip to Wrestlemania 33

Last year, Wilson and I flew to Texas and uber’d our way around Irving, Dallas and Arlington for Wrestlemania 32! When I came back home I was sooo incredibly sad and I couldn’t wait for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando – practically my own backyard! Think of all the money I would be saving by not having to fly! (*facepalm* Umm, yeah right! I spent more this year than last year… so weird!) As soon as I got back home I counted down the days for Wrestlemania 33 and suddenly 360-something days had passed and Wilson and I found ourselves waiting in line again to get inside the stadium for “The Ultimate Thrill Ride.”

Left: Wrestlemania Axxess 2016, Right: Wrestlemania Axxess 2017

I will say that I think the lack of flying and too much of us driving behind the wheel (and being stuck in I-4 traffic) made this year’s Wrestlemania feel a little less “vacation-y” than last years. However, it was still so much fun and while I didn’t get the post-Wrestlemania blues this year (like I did last year) I truly cherish the memories that I made once again with Wilson by my side. I sound super cheesy, I know, my bad.

I managed to take a lot of photos and videos, and decided I’d try my hand at making a video recapping our weekend trip! I am so new to youtube and editing videos, but it’s fun and hopefully I’ll be able to record and edit different types of videos in the future. This is our youtube channel, if you want to subscribe! 😉

We stayed at a very nice hotel that we didn’t get to explore very much because we were either getting ready to go out, at a wrestling event or we were sleeping. One thing they don’t tell you about Wrestlemania week is that you get very little sleep!

Our week started off on Thursday, March 31st with the very first session of Axxess at 6pm. We were bummed that the Wrestlemania sign was not hanging inside of Axxess this year (boooo!) and while Axxess was much smaller than it was in Dallas, it was still fun to walk around and see so many wrestlers. The Pay-per-view banners they hang around Axxess are my favorite thing… talk about decor goals.


Wrestlecon Supershow was on Friday night and that was a fantastic show that ended suuuuper late so Grandma Jess was a little tired towards the end… not grumpy though, just tired. The seating arrangements were terrible (no one knew where they were sitting!) but the wrestling was awesome with Ricochet and Pentagon – two of Wilson’s favorite wrestlers – putting on some pretty sweet wrestling matches.

On Saturday we totally skipped our 8am Axxess sessions because we decided that sleep was more important. We arrived early for the 1pm slot and quite possibly the greatest highlight of the entire weekend was the fact that Wilson and I met our favorite wrestlers! I had a chance to meet Charlotte and we both got to meet his favorite wrestler: Daniel Bryan. We missed out on meeting some other wrestlers because we wanted to get in line as soon as possible to meet them both. No regrets!

Meeting my favorite wrestler, Charlotte! She also signed my title belt!!

After the 1pm Axxess session we made our way to the Amway Center to watch NXT Takeover, which was a great show. NXT Takeover Dallas (which was last year) was way better and that Takeover will always be my absolute favorite.

Finally – Sunday — aka Wrestlemania Day — arrived! We took the buses provided to us by the hotel to the stadium and while the drive there was long (so. much. traffic!) I am glad we didn’t have to drive ourselves. When we arrived it was freakin’ hot as hell and everyone had tomato-red faces, myself included. I’m brown okay, and I don’t get red very often so the fact that I was bright red just shows you how freakin’ hot it was! Once the sun went down it started to feel breezy and cool though, which made the show extremely enjoyable. The night was amazing, the entrances were my favorite and Wilson’s reaction to the Hardy Boyz returning (minute 9:20 in the video above) will always crack me up.

Wrestlemania 33 had such a cool stage setup!
My cutie pie and I with our collectible chairs at the end of Wrestlemania 33

It didn’t end there though, we also went to Monday Night Raw the next night and then Smackdown Live on Tuesday! I was totally wrestled out by the time Smackdown ended and while I love wrestling, I do not plan on attending any wrestling shows any time soon. 😉 😉 😉